Join the Movement

“We are a movement that stands for the radical idea that yoga can be used as a vehicle to heal and transform both the individual and the community.  We believe that by uplifting one member of our community, we can uplift the community as a whole.”

~ Robyn Lund
Founder, Montana Yoga Movement


By coming from a place of compassion we can help other find compassion for themselves. From this place of self acceptance we can start to move toward change.


By fostering a sense of connection and fellowship we foster a deeper sense of purpose for ourselves. We all have something to offer in building a healthy community.


Defined as “the process of becoming stronger and more confident, especially in controlling one’s life.” By offering even one hour of yoga where an individual is in control of their lives, their bodies, we can offer a glimpse of empowerment that may translate to other aspects of their lives.